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Career Opportunities

A certificate from Chicago Grooming Academy will present many opportunities in rewarding careers for those who enjoy working with animals.  The pet grooming industry is in constant need of well-trained, qualified, professionals working as Groomers, salon managers, and owners. 
Chicago Grooming Academy prepares students to be leaders in the Grooming industry.  Students are trained to work in Grooming shops, with veterinarians, kennels, pet shops, breeders, and/or any other businesses offering Grooming services.  Students may also decide to operate their own salon, kennel or mobile Grooming business.  Students who are trained in a professional school are taking the initiative to place themselves at an advantage over other non professionally trained individuals in the Pet Grooming industry.   Professionally trained Groomers are better skilled and will receive a larger salary.  
In addition to basic Grooming skills Chicago Grooming Academy offers professional training in the art of scissoring for all breeds, as well as all poodle patterns.  Acquiring these scissoring techniques give the student an added advantage in the industry.  A highly developed skill will provide opportunities in the areas of contest Grooming, seminars, lectures and other avenues beyond the Grooming salon.
There is a voluntary certification program developed and conducted by International Professional Groomers, Inc.  Chicago Grooming Academy will train each student to prepare for this certification.
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