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Academy Inc.  

 Our Philosophy

Chicago Grooming Academy is dedicated to the teaching, training, and advancement of individuals concerned with the care, maintenance, and appearance of animals. To accomplish this, students are given extensive training, with close supervision, while actually grooming pets at Chicago Grooming Academy. This “hands-on” approach allows students to apply knowledge and perfect the needed skills, resulting in a rapid progression from Basic bathing and Brushing to a complete Professional Groom.
The class size will be limited to ensure the individual attention each student requires. Programs are designed to proceed at the students pace, depending upon the learning style of the individual student
Our goal is to educate, train, and teach students the art of pet grooming.  We will teach you the breed standards and creative enhancements to produce a finished look.  We know all the current trends and techniques in the world of Professional Pet Grooming.   

In addition to grooming we will train you on shop management. 

Our goal is to produce competent and confident groomers that are competitive in the Pet Grooming Industry, and to uphold Professional All Breed Grooming Standards.
Our custom training is an All Breed Professional Course. This course teaches basic and advanced grooming skills.  These skills include bathing, brushing, nails, anal glands as well as the advanced skills for all body patterns, heads, all poodle patterns and advanced scissoring skills. 

Completion of our  Professional Course is awarded a Certificate that will help you gain employment at the more professional salons. 

 This is a private one-on-one training program.    

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